Monday, December 7, 2020

16 secrets tips, tricks and features for new Google Apps Script Editor (v2020)

Google Apps Script has a new editor, which is better, nicer, and completed ready for future new features.
Today, I would like to introduce you to several dirty & secret tricks, what you can do.
(All shortcuts have been tested on MacOS)

#1 Change order of your files in Apps Script project

#2 When you click save, all project's files are saved

#3 Show / hide not used code in function(s) with small arrow

#4 Exchange two lines with [ALT] + [UP] or [ALT] + [DOWN] 

#5 Copy line below or above with [ALT] + [SHIFT]+ [UP] or [ALT] + [SHIFT] + [DOWN] 

#6 Expand or shrink block selection with [CTRL] + [SHIFT]+[CMD]+ [LEFT] or [CTRL] + [SHIFT]+[CMD]+ [RIGHT] 

#7 Multi-cursor for editing more lines together [ALT] + click to position

#8 Better code refactoring with Rename symbol, which replaces all findings

#9 Peek definition is best quick insight about function definition

#10 Code suggestion for native JavaScript objects (e.g. Date) is available

#11 Always visible panel with execution logs

#12 Different colors console.warn() and console.error()

#13 Hyperlink in logging console leads to code line 

#14 Better debugging to deeper inspect of function callstack and variables (local and global scope)

#15 Change editor into dark-mode with command 


#16 Inline documentation with example in code suggestion

If you have your own favourite tip for new Apps Script editor, ping me on Twitter @ivankutil

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